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Artiste peintre 

Atelier-Galerie d'art Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

L'art est ma passion.
L'abstraction inspire mes sens. 

 Mariclair Plante

    Artiste peintre de l'Art contemporain
expressionnisme abstrait


Collection Visions et Perceptions

"L'inspiration jaillit des multiples expériences sensorielles qui colorent le parcours de l'artiste.  De ses sens aiguisés, elle plonge dans un voyage intérieur et explore le monde du sensible.  Tout en posant un regard bienveillant sur le vivant, elle incarne la condition humaine dans l'immédiateté."

Energy collection


"The vital energy, the drive necessary for the implementation of spontaneous action, accounts for both the force and the duration exerted by the artist to overcome the inertia and resistance that oppose all transformations. .  His energetic movements are propagated by the vibrations of his body;  journey through the void, emanation towards the light."


Emotions collection

At the crossroads of reality and the beyond, the color palette feeds the emotional kaleidoscope of the artist.  Her feelings influence her relationship with the environment, propel her into an intangible space-time (or universe) and guide her in her compositions towards beauty.  His emotions, simple or complex, modify and regulate his state of mind and his feelings in relation to what is happening to him in the present moment.